Feel and Heal Anger

Anger is the feeling often experienced when we feel hurt, shamed or powerless. Unexpressed anger usually manifests as blocked passion. Suppressed anger can keep you stuck in an old pattern of defence, acting out in drama or hurting yourself with various addictive behaviours.

We all experience anger and most of us don't know what to do with it. Often we use it to hurt ourselves and/or others. This workshop will begin a process of developing a relationship with your feelings and help you recognise and express them appropriately.

Through a series of processes in a safe environment you will:

  • Develop an authentic relationship with your emotions.
  • Heal your fears of anger.
  • Release old hurts, grief, quilt and shame.
  • Recognise and release your anger through using your body and your voice.
  • Learn to listen and receive others anger and to set boundaries.
  • Discover your hidden passion and embrace this into your life.
  • Have the opportunity to fully express yourself.
  • Have fun, be loved and enjoy yourself!

This experiential non-residential workshop is divided into Friday evening and all day Saturday (participants must attend both days) totalling 13 hours of work. The only prerequisite is your willingness and commitment to do your personal work for the whole workshop.

This workshop is an empowering process where concepts of anger and other emotions will be explored within the group, with a skilled team to support you. The workshop is not intended to be psychotherapy. If you are currently seeing a therapist please let them know your intention to participate in this workshop -- we are more than happy to answer any queries they or you may have.

Dates for 2016:

Date: September
Venue: Baden Powell Scout Centre, Pennant Hills NSW.
Facilitators: Denise Cook and Racquel Andersen
Please note that spaces are limited and registration is essential.

To register, please email Denise:

For further information, please contact 0419 405 052, or visit the Facebook page here.