Support Groups

Support Group for Couples

Sometimes those of us in relationship often feel isolated and alone within our partnership. We long for deeper and better connection, even though we are mostly happy and our time with our partner feels ok. We still want to communicate more deeply and more intimately about many issues, including -- our wants and desires, our grievances with each other, our deepest beliefs, our sexual fantasies, our spiritual practices, our financial affairs, our fears, our joys, our sadness and our disappointments and deep pain.

If we lived in a tribe, our support group would be there -- in modern culture we are often alone together without tribe to learn from.

This Support group will be your tribe and support you. The ongoing structured process of deep connection we create in the group will develop safety and allow the rich dynamic of the group process to unfold creating a space of wisdom for each couple to learn from each other. You will be encouraged to explore different aspects of your relationship.

This is the chance to share and declare, to be yourself and to have this reflected back to you by others.

Often the same family dynamic is created within a group giving participants a chance to heal old wounds and be witnessed in their process -- very powerful medicine!

This Group will be a closed group once it starts (this means others will not be joining once we start). This enables a deep bond of friendship and support to develop between the participants.

Each meeting there will be a topic to stimulate the time together.

Date: Watch this space for future dates.
Time: Wednesday 7pm - 9.30pm.
Venue: Crows Nest, Sydney.
Cost:Please call to discuss fees.
Registration essential: There will be a limit of 10 people in the group (5 couples).

Contact Denise on 0419 405 052